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Gear & Essentials:  What to Bring

Required Equipment for all Field Hockey Programs

  • Mouthguard

    • Players are required to have a mouthguard and shin guards or they will not be allowed to play due to player safety concerns.

  • Shin Guards 

  • Field Hockey Stick (see below for sizing guidance) 

  • Black & White socks (they can use soccer socks, but need to go over shin guards)

  • Sneakers or turf shoes since we will be practicing on a turf field. Cleats are suitable for grass fields only.

  • Reusable water bottle

  • Field hockey googles

    • Field hockey goggles are no longer required. If your daughter chooses to wear goggles, please make sure they meet the safety standards labeled ASTM 2713. Standard field hockey goggles have front vertical bars which differ from lacrosse goggles, click here for an example!

  • Field hockey gloves are optional.

    • Field hockey gloves are helpful to protect players' hands from abrasions, stick checks and contact with balls and will help when the colder weather starts. They are not required. 

* Please note that field hockey sticks are standard, meaning players use

    the same stick if they are right-hand or left-hand dominant.


All 3rd grade players and any new players who didn't have a travel uniform

last year (or outgrew or did not save their prior year uniform)

will need to purchase a new uniform. 

The intent is for players to be able to reuse their existing uniforms for 2 years. 

To place your order, use the link below:

Please note that the link to order the uniform will be closed on Monday, July 22nd.

Similar to Wellesley Youth Soccer, uniforms must be purchased separately. 

It is important to register early, upon registration, a link will be provided to order your uniform. 

All uniforms will be delivered directly to your home. ​

Some tips when ordering your child's uniform.

  • If your child is going through a growth spurt, please make sure you order for next fall, not their current size. 

  • If your child is a new player, please leave the number as blank.

  • If your child is an exciting player, please use your current number.

  • Expect 6-8 weeks for delivery to your home. 

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