Gear & Essentials:  What to Bring

Required Equipment for all Field Hockey Programs

  • Water bottle

  • Field Hockey Stick*  

  • Mask (mask must be worn at all times)

  • Sneakers or turf shoes since we will be practicing on a turf field.

Field hockey goggles are not required, but if they are worn, they must be labeled with the ASTM 2713 standard field hockey with the front vertical bars, click here for an example!

Additional Required Equipment/Gear for Wellesley Field Hockey Team/League Play: 

  • Black shorts (League play requirement only)

  • Black & White socks (they can use soccer socks, but need to go over shin guards)

    • Some field hockey shin guards are sock-like and are reversible. 

  • A reversible Wellesley Youth Field Hockey uniform jersey will be provided.  
    This jersey needs to be returned at the end of the season. There is a $25 fee if the jersey is not returned.


* Please note that field hockey sticks are standard, meaning girls use the same stick if they are right-hand or left-hand dominant.

Players are required to have a mouthguard and shin guards or they will not be allowed to play due to player safety concerns. 

Please check to make sure your daughter has these things each week. 


Field hockey gloves are helpful to protect players' hands from abrasions, stick checks and contact with balls and will help when the colder weather starts. They are not required