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Wellesley Youth Field Hockey FAQs


What skill level is required?

Since competitive field hockey does not start until middle school in most surrounding towns, no prior experience is required.  WYFH's purpose is to grow the game while having fun.  WYFH sessions are focused on teaching fundamental basic field hockey skills.  Since we are a fundamental skills based program, as our players' skills develop, we will introduce more concepts, drills and fun competitive play. 

Gear & Essentials:  What to Bring

All Wellesley Youth Field Hockey Programs Requirements: 

  • Mouthguard

  • Shin Guards 

    • Youth 3/4 can use soccer shin guards. 

    • Youth 5/6 & 7/8 must use field hockey shin guards.  

  • Sneakers or turf shoes are recommended since we will be practicing on a turf field. 

  • Water bottle

  • Field Hockey Stick *  

  • Mask (mask must be worn at all times)

  • Field Hockey Goggles are optional, but must be labeled with the ASTM 2713 standard field hockey with front vertical bars.

Team & League Play Requirements:

  • Black shorts - League play requirement

  • Black & White socks (they can use soccer socks, but need to go over shin guards) - all team & league play requirement

    • Some field hockey shin guards are sock-like and are reversible. 

    • Home team wears white socks and away team wears black socks.  This requirement is for the umpires so they know how to rule when a player's foot touches the ball for the penalty call. 

Players are required to have a mouthguard and shin guards or they will not be allowed to play due to player safety concerns. 

Please check to make sure your daughter has these things each week. (Your daughter will not be allowed to play if she does not wear a mouth guard or shin guards. She will be asked to sit on the sidelines until she obtains them.  This is for safety reasons.  We appreciate your understanding). 

**Any major sports store should carry field hockey equipment.  Click here to see additional information on equipment buying guide.

Will we still play if it rains or snows?

We will still hold practice and/or scrimmages regardless of the weather (unless of course there's a state of emergency).   Unless it is thunder and lightening, we will play outside on the turf field.  We will hold practice outside if it is cold temperatures and even light snow, unless the turf field is closed due to snowfall.  

If there is a risk of thunderstorms, parents should stay close by since there is no real shelter at Sprague Field.


If we cancel practice or a game, communication will be sent via TeamSnap and a notification will be posted to Instagram.

Sportsmanship Policy

Wellesley Youth Field Hockey teaches fundamental basic field hockey skills.  We teach respect and good sportsmanship.  We encourage friendly competition but recognize that our program is focused on teaching a new team sport to our players.  Therefore, patience and respect from our coaches, players and parents are key to positive player experience.  

If a player is disruptive to the learning experience, coaches will politely/kindly ask a player to sit out for a drill until the player is ready to engage in a positive way. 

Click here to see additional information on WYFH Code of Conduct.

Refund Policy

Please click on the link below to review our registration and refund policy.

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