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JR Umpire Training Program,

This program is a great opportunity for 8th-12th graders! NO COST!


Wellesley Youth Field Hockey will be training student umpires during our Spring youth league.  We will provide the online modules and on-the-field training for any high school student who wants to become a field hockey umpire.  Learning to be an umpire will expand your knowledge of the sport to make you a smarter player on the field.  It will also prepare you to officiate games in the summer and fall of this year.  Field Hockey officiating is a great way to make extra money and continue to enjoy the sport that we love.


1. Complete the Officiating Field Hockey course. The course can be found online at The NFHS has developed the course, Officiating Field Hockey. As a companion to the NFHS Field Hockey Rules book and your State Association’s guidance and support materials, this course introduces you to, describes and explains the basics you’ll need as a new field hockey official. 

Be sure to download the Certificate of Completion. 

The Officiating Field Hockey course link here: Officiating Field Hockey Course (


2. Once you have completed the online course, please sign up for on-the-field training link below:

JR Umpire On-Field Training

Dates: 4/30, 5/7, 5/14, 5/21, 6/4 & 6/11

Times: generally, between 4:00 - 7:30 pm

Location: Sprague Turf Field


Please note: The JR Umpire On-Field Training registration deadline is April 1st. With that being said, the student who would like to become an umpire needs to finish the Officiating Field Hockey online course to register JR Umpire On-Field Training. 

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